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Pinocchio's Curse is a strategic multi-player game in which the goal is to defeat all of your opponents and become a real boy. The only way to achieve this goal is to chop your enemies into pieces or blast them into traps with the use of your gun-axe.

*NOTE* This is not based off of the Disney version of Pinocchio.


The semester has ended and what we have to have done now is the prototype for the game. We have everything done that we wanted done to be done. We are looking forward to having another semester to work on this and to improve our levels.

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  1. Overview
    1. Game Overview
    2. Credits
  2. Game World
    1. World
    2. Primary Setting
  3. Game Narrative
    1. Story
    2. Characters
  4. Interface/ Navigation
    1. Interface
    2. Storyboard
  5. Gameplay
    1. Game Mechanics
    2. Levels
    3. Game Types
    4. Multi-player or Single-player
    5. Powerups
    6. Traps
  6. Technology
    1. Technical Specifications Document
    2. Risk Analysis Document
    3. Art Pipeline
  7. Vertical Slice
    1. Vertical Slice Document
    2. Vertical Slice Storyboard

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